Why do this?

Why do this? 2017-10-26T12:02:21+00:00

Why do you need Sports Psychology? Why would someone ever hire a sports psychologist or performance psychologist? What’s in it for you?

Here’s what we know goes into performance. Managing pressure requires more than a few mental skills. Great performances are built on a solid foundation of planning and preparation. This is where Sports Psychology plays in. The following model is based on years of experience and expertise in the neuroscience of how the brain works under pressure.



Integrated Identity™: is a positive sense of self based on values. An Integrated Identity serves as a stable, internal heuristic for valuing yourself based on choices and actions, not just performance outcomes.

Aligned Commitment™: happens when your goal striving is congruent with your identity. When goal directed behaviors are concordant with your valued beliefs and outcomes, passion, persistence, and self-determination flourish.


Manage the Moment: Your ability to manage your thoughts, emotions, and choices to keep your actions consistent with your values and goals.

Deliberate Practice: Your ability to be fully engaged in systematic practice. Deliberate preparation can not occur without purposeful planning to put into action.


Energy Regulation: Being aware of your emotional and physical energy in order to take advantage of it and keep it from interfering with your performance.

Positive Performance Mindset™: This happens when you have the confidence to trust the ideal performance focus cues for you to consistently perform in the upper range of your abilities. Developing the ability to minimize the time spent focused on distractions and maximize the time you’re focused on these cues is the foundation to consistency.