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We help performers achieve their goals today so they can realize their life’s potential tomorrow

As a parent you want to do whatever you can to help your child be successful in their sport, and their life beyond sports. You understand that if he or she performs better they will be more confident and feel better about themselves. There is a set of tools you can give your child to help them perform better and be less frustrated.

As a performer you are willing to do what you can to get what you want. Reaching your potential and performing consistency at your best feels good. Learn to be yourself, to be your best, and to be somebody others admire.

We provide a new way of thinking about performance that integrates the physical body, the mind and the essence of the individual (values, emotions and aspirations). We have a scientifically based system of tools and behavioral processes individualized for each client to influence performance. We have a team of proven performance psychology consultants to provide individualized application of the iPerformance philosophy.

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