Sports Performance Psychology – How We Get There

Sports Performance Psychology – How We Get There2017-10-26T11:48:12-06:00

A comprehensive suite of sports performance services built on real life experience

We’ve leveraged our deep academic study in the field of sports performance psychology and combined it with extensive work with countless athletes and performers to develop an approach that is both academically established and proven from experience.

We bring all of this to each child individually and develop their performance plan based on who they are, where they are today and, importantly, where they want to go. A suite of services tailored to your child.

Individual Learning

One-on-one sessions offer the most flexibility to personalize your development plan. We start with a proprietary, comprehensive assessment to fully understand your needs. We’ll then develop a personalized action plan to refine your Positive Performance Mindset™. We’re going to expect a lot from you! That’s because learning how to manage pressure takes more than a few mental skills. It takes planning, preparation, and work. But we have the expertise and experience to get you there as efficiently as possible.

Group Learning

Some people learn better in groups. And have more fun doing so. We offer a number of groups focused on specific topics. Each group has a structure to guide it with the freedom to teach what members are most interested in learning. All of our groups are 5 sessions and have a limit of 10 members.

Current Groups:

  • Maximize your potential by developing a Positive Performance Mindset™
  • Positive Performance Leadership™: Kicking A** as a team captain
  • From the hospital gown to jersey: How to rock your recovery from injury
  • How to impress your coach and teammates: Preparing for your first year as a collegiate athlete
  • Parents as Directors of Player Development: How to prepare your kid for elite performance
  • Developing Positive Performance Teams™

Team Consulting

Trying to develop a high functioning team? We can help make sure that actually happens! Faster and easier than most leaders can do on their own. We understand that Positive Performance Teams™ do not happen just because we want them too. They take more than a few superficial team-building goes to establish. Let us help with the planning and implementation needed to create and maintain high performing cultures.

Leadership Development

Leaders do not develop by chance. Great leaders do more than tell people what to do. Leaders create visions, inspire, guide, and model really cool futures. With so much to do, why waste time learning as you go along? We have a long history of helping leaders (particularly collegiate and professional team captains) learn how to maximize their teams’ commitment, harmony, and performance; without letting their’s slack off in the process. We have programs specific for parent leaders, coaches, and peer leaders.


We love going out to your turf to provide educational workshops that help you learn how to maximize the potential of your team, employees, coaches, parents, etc. Workshops can be one-off events or a strategically developed series to maximize retention and implementation. We can also bring your small group to our office for a change of pace. Some previous examples include:

  • Build Olympic caliber confidence: Is your confidence Olympics ready?
  • Mindfulness for sports performance
  • Putting deliberate practice into action
  • Motivational interviewing for sports medicine professionals, coaches, or parents
  • Teams in turmoil: Working with the “worst-case” scenarios
  • Integrating mental skills basics into practice
  • From the Stage: Integrating performance psychology into music and theater arts education

Organizational Consulting

Organizations flourish when their leaders cultivate team environments where individuals flourish. We help organizations that want to be known for having a Positive Performance Mindset™ get there. We help with an organizational analysis that leads to deliberate action plans to develop leaders, teams, and individuals in the organization. We help ensure the right talent gets brought on board. We help organizations infuse best practices from the psychology of high sports performance top to bottom.