Helping Professionals Enhance the Injury Recovery for Athletes.

When personally talking to sport medicine professionals, specifically physical therapists and personal trainers, it is very prevalent that they believe athletes undergo psychological distress during injury. These professionals report knowing that the issue is there and try their best to prepare the athlete in returning to sport. The injury process is long and tedious. Sport professionals struggle in getting their patients to:

1. Gain confidence in their injured body part

2. Gain the motivation to want to improve

3. Accepting the process of injury

4. Increase their ability to deal with pain

5. Improve their dedication to adhere to their

rehabilitation process

6. And many more…

If athletes are experiencing all of those components during the injury process, are sport professionals doing a good job preparing athletes and guiding them through rehabilitation?

YES OF COURSE! If it weren’t for them, athletes wouldn’t be able to return physically to the sport they love; however, I do think professionals can go from GOOD TO GREAT TO EXCELLENT with the implementation of mental skills throughout rehabilitation.

Taking the time to understand an athlete holistically and enhancing their client’s injury process from start to finish can help set them apart. For example, when thinking about which physical therapist to go to, most people would probably choose to go to the one that incorporates the mental and physical piece of rehabilitation compared to one that solely gets you physically stronger. Both are extremely knowledgable and competent in what they do; however, think about which one will get you to feel fully 100% ready to return to sport?

Sports Therapy Can Help

There is no way to completely avoid the stress, anxiety, and psychological disturbances that come from injury. It only would make sense that sport professionals increase their competence into a more holistic standpoint. This isn’t something new. You can explore the web and find a plethora of articles about the psychology of rehabilitation for athletes. The ability for sport professionals to help teach and support their clients and athletes around the mental side of injury is few and far between.

At iPC, we have the ability to support athletes through their rehab experience. We can help via weekly support groups, biofeedback sessions and individual sessions. Additionally, we offer presentations, groups and workshops to provide sport professionals. The E-book that we will be releasing soon around the 5 mental skills for injury recovery will benefit both athletes and sport professionals



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