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Dr. Steve Portenga, PhD – Sports Psychologist

Dr Steve Portenga PhD, sports psychologist, Denver, CO

Dr. Steve Portenga, PhD, aka Dr. Steve, is a Sports Psychologist and Sports Performance Coach based in Denver, Colorado. He has dedicated himself to understanding the Performing Brain®, performance psychology and the clinical aspects of helping athletes perform to their best capacity.

In his sports psychology practice, he brings together the theories of human performance, neuroscience, technology and behavior change. He applies them in a hands-on setting that delivers results.

Dr. Steve’s mission is to help young and seasoned athletes alike consistently perform in the upper range of their knowledge, abilities and skills across competitive and pressure situations.

Dr. Steve has brought his passion for the psychology of high performance to a variety of situations including:

  • Director of Sports Psychology for USA Track & Field at the London 2012 Olympic Games
  • Worked for franchises in every major professional sport, including team captains, all-stars, & future Hall-of-Famers
  • He wrote the American Psychological Association’s definition of Performance Psychology
  • Founding member of APA’s Coalition for the Psychology of High Performance
  • Member of the National Association for Gifted Children’s Presidential Task Force on the Whole Gifted Child
  • He has numerous academic publications & is an invited speaker internationally for high performance groups

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From his practice in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Steve is able to dedicate himself to his athletes and teams while raising the next generation of his own family.

Visit Dr. Steve’s Professional & Academic Resume to learn more about his experience and qualifications.

Who is qualified to be a sports psychologist?

Sports psychology goes far beyond ‘mental skills and toughness.’ With a PhD in sport & counseling psychology, Dr. Steve has developed a proprietary model for how athletes can maximize their talent and mental resourcefulness to perform under pressure.

When you are considering a sports performance professional, be sure to evaluate the breadth of their qualifications and expertise. Dr. Steve brings his studies in neuroscience and how it underpins expert performance and applies it in a very practical setting.

He is both a professor and a practitioner with a unique perspective on how athletes can maximize their talent.

Dr. Steve works carefully with athletes to ensure their identity as performers is aligned with their own identity and values. Through his sessions each athlete learns how to manage individual moments that lead to deliberate practice and ultimately leave equipped with the tools to manage pressure.

Performance psychology is a term that is used by many, but understood by few.