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Sports psychology for athletic performance

At iPerformance we offer sports psychology services from our hub in Denver, Colorado. While athletic coaches typically focus on the physical side of sport, we are here to help athletes achieve their goals both on and off the field.

Some athletes seek help from a sport psychologist when there is a problem, some when they are recovering from injury, and others when they desire to perform to the absolute best of their ability.

At iPerformance we cover both challenges and athlete performance. We help athletes enhance performance, cope with anxiety and the pressures of competition, and add enjoyment back into their game with a mental edge.

All athletes, all performances.

We welcome every level of athlete at iPerformance. Dr. Steve, our resident sports psychologist, has worked with everyone from professional athletes, to Olympians, and both collegiate and high school athletes.

We work with teams, endurance athletes, coaches and individuals with our focus to give every athlete the tools to succeed in both their sport, and life.

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